We are sure our story is not much different than most peoples’… it’s really just two guys with a love for beer and a passion for making it. But here is our story anyway.

Golden Fox Brewing | Est. 2016

Golden Fox Brewing was created by two friends, Jim Fox and Kevin Ray, both of whom dabbled in homebrewing. Years ago, Kevin received a homebrewing kit for his birthday, and was immediately hooked on the hobby. When Kevin started taking his homebrew to Indianapolis Colts tailgates, he then discovered Jim also homebrewed.

Through brewing for themselves and friends, they discovered that others loved the beers they crafted as much as they did.

With people offering to buy their beer, the dream started to come alive—to brew beer on a professional level. The goal was to start out small, then grow steadily and ultimately retire from their full time jobs.

The opportunity arose to start and grow faster much sooner than expected. Now here we are, opening a taproom just three short years later!

Golden Fox Brewers

Jim Fox
Jim FoxBusiness Manager
Kevin Ray
Kevin RayTaproom Manager
Andrew Boyd
Andrew BoydBrewery Manager